My issue is not with Bernafon... I personally know nothing about the company.

However, I was just contacted by someone posing as an Bernafon HR manager who wanted to do an interview over Yahoo Messenger. Given the fact that it is for a company that specializes in hearing products, I assumed this was just how they did thing.

I went through with the interview over yahoo and everything seem legit. However, it still did not feel right. So, I contacted the company by phone and asked them about the legitimacy of the interview.

I was advised that this is a ongoing scam and that the company is working with authority. I then went back and asked the individual on yahoo messenger why his company told me that they do not do interviews over the computer. He immediately signed off.

Luckily, I did not give them any personal info.

The names given were Tony Rivera and Douglas Frederick.


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Norfolk, Virginia, United States #824927

I recently had an online interview with juliet wealthman saying she was a hiring manager...asked me all the questions a hiring manager would ask on an interview...im thinking this is a legitamate interview, now i feel *** cause im thinking i have a job. Pay she told me was 27:35 per hour, and training was 17:00 an hour for a week.

Im supposed to have training this monday june 8, im so pissed off right now. I believe i found this through indeed.com....i was told that i would be sent software and a laptop...my pay would be by check or direct deposit...

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #826020

Did u get you get paid

Los Angeles, California, United States #819768

I recently received a text message from 18025264525 indicating they saw my resume on a resume database and requesting I set up a yahoo messenger account and chat with a Ms. Lauren Lopez at lopez_lauren17@yahoo.com.

Person indicated they where Mr. Rodney Handcook Hiring Manager.


Anytime someone wants to interview you via messanger, it is a scam. You can also be sure that the names you were given are fake and the scammers are not in in your country. You can do an internet search on yahoo messanger job or interview scams for more info.

to Anonymous Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #818188

Yeah I was iffy from the start. That is why I never gave any personal info. But given the fact that it was a job for data entry and for a company that makes hearing aids, I thought maybe that is what they do LOL I entertained it for a few minutes.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #818166

I agree

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